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As 2023 draws to an end, we are pleased to share with you the December edition of the HSRC Review. In this edition, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of three HSRC flagship projects.

The South African National HIV Prevalence, Incidence, and Behaviour (SABSSM) survey has been tracking HIV data in South Africa since 2002. Findings from the sixth survey, released in November, show the epidemic is maturing, with more older people living longer on antiretroviral treatment. Repeating this survey over the last two decades has provided policymakers with trend data to inform HIV treatment and prevention programmes in South Africa.

The South African Social Attitudes Survey (SASAS) tracks public views about important societal issues, including democracy, service delivery, public spending, taxation, xenophobia, financial literacy, voting, abortion, the environment, and many more. Over the last 20 years, this flagship series has gained recognition for reliable social indicators and attitudinal measures as the basis for evidence-based decision making.

The South African National Survey on Research and Experimental Development Inputs (R&D Survey) is the third HSRC flagship project featured. Each year, the R&D Survey reports the latest available data on R&D expenditure and performance across five sectors: higher education, science councils, government, business, and not-for-profit organisations. The findings inform science policy development, and government R&D priorities and funding levels.

Also see our articles on the HSRC’s recently completed national food and nutrition security survey, a qualitative study about condom use in KwaZulu-Natal and our work for the Zondo Commission. We also feature the story of an Eastern Cape woman who struggles to access healthcare services after losing a leg, and articles about the future of wind energy in South Africa, accessing land for housing and the importance of hearing local voices for structural transformation in Africa.

We wish you a safe and peaceful festive break.

The Review Team

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