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15 March 2022

Seven days on Twitter” #SoManyQuestions

The Media Online

#Scratch the Surface with Acumen Media and Tonya Khoury. Seven Day Report. We felt the weight of war bearing down on us even though it was happening far from home. #Ukraine and #Russia stormed across our timelines like a set of #RussianMilitary barreling their way through a country that isn’t theirs to take. It’s a massive story and one that certainly takes the lead in South Africa’s news this week. Let’s #ScratchTheSurface with Acumen Media

I have #SoManyQuestions. It is my job is to watch the news and social media. They call me a media specialist, but between you and I, I just read and watch the news. It’s not hard, well, okay it’s very hard especially when you don’t have data to work with. This is why I have #SoManyQuestions…

The HSRC revealed Acumen Media’s stats without permission on the insurrection and the social media insurgents, I don’t care, because at least they’re not chasing computers anymore.  A phone call would have been nice though.  #BusiMkhwebane is almost in an orange overall, fingers crossed hey. #AlbertFritz the sexual predator resigned and heads to court.

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