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12 March 2020

Here’s how coronavirus can affect TB and HIV sufferers in South Africa

The South African

Most of us have by now heard that those with preconditions like HIV and TB are more susceptible to the coronavirus, here’s how to manage it. Andrea Chothia by Andrea Chothia 2020-03-12 14:05 in Lifestyle Experts have said that people with preconditions are more susceptible to coronavirus. So if you’re suffering from TB, HIV or even diabetes, you should be extra careful.

If you haven’t been tested for the above conditions, you might want to take care of that too. On Thursday 12 March, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize confirmed South Africa has 17 confirmed cases of the virus — officially named SARS Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). According to Bhekisisa at the Centre for Health Journalism, the virus gets its name from its similarity to the virus responsible for the 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in China. The World Health Organisation (WHO) also confirmed the coronavirus a global pandemic on Wednesday.

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The South African

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