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12 October 2023

Book launch – The BRICS in Africa: Promoting Development?

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Five years and twenty chapters later, it’s a pleasure to have officially launched the The BRICS in Africa: Promoting Development?’ The Cape Town launch took place at Exclusive Books, V&A Waterfront, on 11 October 2023, where two of the book’s editors participated in a panel discussion. Dr Yul Davids (Research Director, Development, Capable and Ethical State) and Krish Chetty (Research Manager, Equitable Education and Economies) were joined by Dr Jaya Josie (visiting professor at Zhejiang University International Business School) to reflect on what inspired the book, and share thoughts on recent BRICS developments. The other editors are Dr Funeka Yazini April (Coordinator, BRICS Research Centre works at the Human Science Research Council) and Professor Modimowabarwa Kanyane (Executive Dean: Faculty of Management, Commerce and Law at the University of Venda).

The Johannesburg launch was held on November 23, 2023 at the Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria. The launch, which was sponsored the Embassy to the Peoples Republic of China in the Republic of South Africa was facilitated by Ms Joanne Joseph, former ENCA anchor who directed questions to the panellists on the book. Panellists included two book editors, Dr Funeka Yazini and Professor Barwa Kanyane. Dr Buntu Siwisa and Dr Isaac Khambule were two book authors that participated, inclusive of Professor Garth Shelton who is a book reviewer. 

Watch the panel discussion at the official book launch in Cape Town:

Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) nations have become a strong engine of South-South Cooperation. The most significant outcome of the emergence of BRICS is the shift they have brought to the balance of power in global affairs. The past decade has steadily accelerated commercial and strategic engagements between BRICS and Africa. The BRICS countries constitute Africa’s largest trading partners and new investors. BRICS has nourished Africa’s economic emergence and elevated the continent’s contemporary global positioning. This book seeks to determine the potential of BRICS-Africa cooperation in promoting African development.

Some of the critical issues in this book include the following: a) What will be the impact of intra-BRICS and BRICS–Africa cooperation and partnerships, mainly through the New Industrial Revolution, financial technologies, infrastructure, economic growth and development in health; b) Determine the relevance of the BRICS New Development Bank in the post-COVID era; c) Examine the governance and accountability mechanisms required to entrench BRICS governance cooperation with the continent, and e) Determine strategies that address gender developmental disparities and inequalities in BRICS and Africa.

This book consists of five sections, preceded by an introduction and later at the end of the chapters, a conclusion. The five mentioned sections respond to the 2020 12th BRICS Summit, ‘Global Stability, Shared Security, and Innovative Growth thematic thrusts.

The book is available to purchase here.

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

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