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Mr Krish Chetty
Senior Research Manager

Mr Krish Chetty is a Chief Researcher at the Inclusive Economic Development (IED) division of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). His core research interests focuses on Knowledge Management, Digital Inclusion, the Future of Work, Financial Technologies and Renewable Energy. He previously worked in the HSRC?s BRICS Research Centre where he championed large studies of the FinTech market in Sub-Saharan market, a review of the Platform Economy in South Africa and developed a framework for promoting digital skills suitable for the labour market. He worked closely with a network of researchers from BRICS and the Global South to find solutions to the challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment. His past research projects have provided him experience in the following areas: SDG Indicator construction, economic modelling, infrastructure financing, HIV monitoring and evaluation, and macroeconomic policy to target employment creation to address unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Mr Chetty has experience in both the public and private sectors in data warehouse management, data modelling and research, having worked at the Financial and Fiscal Commission, FNB Corporate Banking and Allan Gray. He has presented at numerous international conferences and won first prize at the BRICS Young Scientists Contest in 2015, in Sevastopol Russia. He completed a Master of Knowledge and Information Management (Cum Laude) at Stellenbosch University. His undergraduate degree is a BSC in Computer Science (2003).