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Visualise your communication for impact

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Illustration, graphic recording (or scribing), graphic harvesting, whiteboard animation and information graphics are a powerful tool for communicating research, capturing workshop conversations or enhancing participatory research processes.

This is a highly specialised skill and one would have to employ a live graphic illustrator.

There is a growing group of South African illustrators and animators working in this field.

  • Fine Line Illustrations has done graphic recording in the field of science and research with great success.
  • Roy Blumenthal is a live, digital sketchnoter. He uses graphic facilitation to make live sketchnote paintings of the ideas swirling around in conventions, meetings, tv shows, conferences, and workshops. He does his graphic recording on a tablet pc hooked up to a large screen. He can be on the premises, or he can drop into your event virtually.
  • In addition to graphic recording,  3 Stickmen also conducts visual thinking workshops aimed at teaching visual thinking that can increase problem solving and solutions creation.
  • Robert Dersley:
  • Talia Lancaster calls herself the Sketching Scrum Master
  • Free To Grow strengthens growth and engagement in organisations through programmes that inspire and enable positive change.

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. What do I want to share?
  3. What should my word count be?
  4. How do I structure an article?
  5. How can I use stories in my communication?
  6. I need help with language and style
  7. What about footnotes/bibliographies/references?
  8. Tick box
  9. Talking about the HSRC: Are we diluting our brand?
  10. Focus on the researcher: Conveying the So What? and writing a short biography
  11. How do I structure a PowerPoint presentation?
  12. How do I take a useful photograph?
  13. How do I plan the structure of a short video?
  14. Useful links on science communication
  15. I am no digital native and need help with these: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​creating hyperlinks, tracking edits in Word, making edits in Pdf, sending large documents and folders via WeTransfer
  16. Visualise your communication for impact
  17. HSRC events: Requirements for drafting and sending invitations

This toolkit is designed to help HSRC researchers to communicate information about their research effectively to maximise impact.​​​​​​​