Gender Equality and Inclusivity

The Gender Equality and Inclusivity Project aims to strengthen the capacities of Science Granting Councils (SGCs) in Sub-Saharan Africa to advance systemic change towards greater gender equality and inclusivity in the science technology and innovation (STI) sector. As central role players in national systems of innovation, SGCs are key to advancing gender transformation. SGCs contribute to setting and monitoring national research agendas and stimulate research designs and content responsive to gender inequality through funding projects informed by a gender transformative lens. Building on existing work of SGCs, the Gender and Inclusivity Project supports the mainstreaming of an intersectional transformative approach in the development, implementation and monitoring of gender policy, programs and research in the functions of SGCs. This is a project of the Public Health, Societies and Belonging (PHSB) division within the HSRC.

Strengthening Capacities of Science Granting Councils in advancing Gender and Inclusivity Transformation

The Gender Research Council (GRC) and the Science Granting Council Initiative (SGCI) invite you to participate in the Africa-focussed Gender Summit 2024 SGCI Parallel Session. This online session will delve into new research findings about the adverse effects of gender and social inequalities on research quality at the country and regional levels. We’ll explore when, how, and why these disparities occur, share current evidence-based solutions, and identify areas for improvement.

The session features the Global Research Council Sub-Saharan Equality Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI) Working Group and the Science Granting Councils Initiative (SGCI) Gender Equality and Inclusivity (GEI) Project. EDI and SGCI promote research inclusivity and diversity at the regional and country levels, respectively.

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G&I Project brochureThe G&I Project brochure is a marketing tool; it overviews the background, methodologies, key actions, and achievements of the project.Download here
Country Gender & STI profiles A journey of awareness: Promoting
women’s participation in science
Download here
Council reflection
In the reflection videos, council members talk about their experiences, including the highlights, challenges, and prospects regarding activities for advancing gender and inclusivity.Watch here Tanzania reflection video:
G&I Project Learning Summit
This video provides an overview of the final G&I Project Learning Summit, hosted in Cape Town on 13-15 February 2023, reflecting on the activities conducted during the
first phase of the G&I Project.
Watch here
E-newslettersThe G&I Project publishes a bi- monthly electronic newsletter to share information about past and upcoming project activities and important news events about gender and inclusivity on the
See previous editions: Download here (Nov 2022) Download here (Feb 2023) Download here (June 2023)

World Science Forum panel
The G&I Project of the HSRC, together with Portia Ltd, hosted a panel session on intersectionality in research, grant-making, and the importance of collecting gender- disaggregated data for development projects at the World Science Forum in Cape Town in
December 2022
Article on HSRC website: Download here
Article in Daily Maverick: Download here
Link to the World Science Forum session on YouTube:
Watch here
Popular media articles on the SGCI websiteMaking women count: Closing the
data gaps in STI
Download here
Gender and inclusivity in science granting councils: A participatory approach to achieving sustained
systemic change
Download here
Women in research: More than a
numbers game
Download here
Can artificial intelligence help to
achieve inclusivity?
Download here
Tapping the change-making power of grant-making: Reflections on a targeted technical assistance
Download here
Owning change: reflections on peer
learning workshop 3
Download here
Taking stock: The gender and inclusivity project at the end of its
first cycle
Download here
Gender does matter – Organisational learnings from the gender action learning process in the SGCI Gender and Inclusivity
Download here
Towards a more equal and
connected world for women and girls
Download here


continuum article (GEI workshop 2)
In the second GEI workshop, the councils were tasked with placing themselves on the gender continuum. This article expands on this activity.Read more

Strengthening the Capacities of Science Granting Councils in Gender and Inclusivity: FINAL TECHNICAL REPORT, JULY 2023

The final technical report of the Gender and Inclusivity (G&I) project (2020-2023) outlines the project’s key activities and achievements. The G&I project of the Science Granting Councils Initiative aimed to strengthen the capacities of Science Granting Councils in sub-Saharan Africa to advance systemic change toward greater gender equality and inclusivity in the science, technology, and innovation sectors. The Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), a statutory research institution in South Africa, led the project consortium, supported by implementation partners, Gender at Work – leading experts in the field of facilitating gender and inclusivity change processes on individual and institutional levels; members of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA); and science communication specialists, Jive Media Africa.

Reflections and Intersections is an online dialogue series for topical discussions with leading specialists about strategies aimed at strengthening gender equality and inclusivity in research funding in Africa.

Brought to you by the Gender Equality and Inclusivity (GEI) Project of the Science Granting Councils Initiative (SGCI), currently being implemented by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), Portia and Jive Media Africa, the series draws on the premise that research that is informed by a gender equality and inclusion lens offers the best chance we have at meeting sustainable development targets.

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