Measuring innovation capacity in local firms

SA Innovation Survey Blog

This blog has been designed as a resource for interested parties to learn more about the South African business innovation surveys and their data. It’s also a practical resource to support and encourage firms responding to surveys.

We’re blogging in four key areas, which you’ll see across our posts. These are:

  1. The meaning of innovation
  2. Innovation indicators
  3. Impact indicators
  4. Innovation at large

Our blog writers are based at the Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (CeSTII) at the Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa (HSRC).

Innovation Surveys

South African Agricultural Business Innovation Survey, 2019 – 2021

SA Business Innovation Survey, 2019-2021


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ | SA Business Innovation Survey, 2019-2021

FAQ | SA Agricultural Business Innovation Survey, 2019-2021

FAQ | SA Agricultural Business Innovation Survey, 2016-2018

Survey Results

Results | SA Business Innovation Survey, 2014-2016

Results | SA Agricultural Business Innovation Survey, 2016-2018

Results | Innovation in the South African Informal Sector Survey, 2017-2018


Analysis | Innovation in services: The potential to contribute to structural economic transformation

Analysis | How South Africa’s services sector can help tackle poverty and inequality

Analysis | The pace and direction of innovation is critical to South Africa’s economic recovery

Analysis | Survey shows South African firms in some sectors are highly innovative

Analysis | International innovation collaboration activity by SA businesses

Analysis | Adoption and diffusion of advanced ICTs in South Africa’s agricultural sector (pdf link needs to be updated)

Analysis | Nigeria and SA’s innovation performance compared

Analysis | Policy levers to boost innovation and productivity in South African manufacturing firms

Analysis | Can government stimulate innovation through public funding and procurement in manufacturing and services

Analysis | Barriers to innovation: Evidence from South African manufacturing companies 2010–2012


Event | Tweets and slides from Industry Associations Innovation Day 2018

Policy Forum | Is the Western Cape establishing a regional culture of innovation conducive to the needs of business

Policy Forum | Agricultural Innovation in South Africa


Support for innovation in South Africa

Announcement | Ignition on SA Business Innovation Survey, 2014-2016

Announcement | SA’s first agricultural innovation survey