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06 August 2020

Prof Ivan Turok awarded prestigious Research Chair at the UFS by SARChI

The University of the Free State is pleased to announce that the Human Sciences Research Council’s (HSRC) Prof Ivan Turok has been awarded a research chair by the South African Research Chairs Initiative (SARChI). Prof Turok is one of South Africa’s most cited social scientists. He will hold the Research Chair in City-Region Economies in the Department of Economics and Finance and the Centre for Development Support at the UFS. The UFS is now home to six SARChI chairs. 

The research chair is the first partnership of its kind between a South African university and the HSRC. The chair will seek to understand how cities can accelerate economic growth and inclusive development in SA. It will analyse why some cities are more successful than others, and what policies and practices can improve conditions for citizens and communities. It will also provide funding to increase research capacity through the appointment of postdoctoral, PhD, and master’s students.

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