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19 July 2021

Let’s move away from tribalism for South Africa’s sake

Zambezi News

AS parts of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal are racked by violence that is in some measure being mobilised by ethnic considerations, we face a choice: can we maintain Nelson Mandela’s ‘salad bowl’ of diversity or do we need to enforce a ‘melting pot’ elimination of tribal identity to forge a unified nation?

Last year, the Human Sciences Research Council and Ipsos sounded a warning that there could be a marked rise in xenophobic attacks. Given recent developments, should we be worried? Is the unity-in-diversity project turning out to be disunity in diversity? Should we abandon the unity in diversity and forge the “tribe must die” concept? As Ramaphosa stated, the ethnic element to the violence is worrying, but it is sporadic.

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Zambezi News

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