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21 November 2023

Africa Insight – Call for editorial advisory board members

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Africa Insight is a quarterly, peer-reviewed scientific journal of the Human Sciences Research Council’s Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA). It is accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and indexed in the International Bibliography of Social Science (IBSS). The journal is a multi-disciplinary publication primarily focusing on African affairs.


The editorial advisory board of the journal shall advise the Editorial Committee on the strategic direction the journal should take. Members of the Editorial Advisory Board shall be nominated by the Executive Head of AISA in consultation with the Editorial Committee of the journal.  Only researchers with an extensive publishing record on African affairs and who hold a doctorate degree (PhD) shall be eligible for appointment as a member of the editorial advisory board of the journal. Members of the editorial advisory board shall serve for a period of 5 years. Their tenure is renewable for up to 3 consecutive terms.  Members of the editorial advisory board of the journal will only be permitted to publish one article in the journal per calendar year.

The AISA Executive Director shall also be the Chair of the editorial board. Members of the editorial advisory committee will be ex-officio members of the editorial advisory board.


•  Hold three editorial advisory board meetings of the journal per financial year to undertake a review of the state of the journal. Meetings of the editorial advisory board will either be virtual or at the HSRC offices in Pretoria. When possible, editorial advisory board meetings will be held as a side event of an international conference organised by AISA.

•  Review papers delegated by the editorial committee.

•  Advise the editorial committee on journal policy and emerging issues.

•  Members of the editorial advisory board of the journal shall play the role of ambassadors of the journal in their respective areas of research expertise.

•  Members of the editorial advisory board of the journal shall from time to time be expected to suggest special issues that the journal should consider or commission.

•  In the same light, members of the editorial advisory board shall also be considered as guest editors of special issues of the journal.


Please email the below documents to:

1. Candidate’s summarised Curriculum Vitae.

2. Two recommendation letters: (i) from the candidate’s organisation signed by the Executive Director or Chairperson of the organisation/institution, which state the strengths of the Candidate and the value they will add to Africa Insight.

3.  Statement of intent and vision for the journal’s performance in Africa and the world.

Please email Ms Mmakwena Chipu at for more enquiries.

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

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