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06 April 2009

Towards evidence based interventions: SA AIDS 2009

Kim Trollip

“Towards evidence based interventions for the National Strategic Plan (NSP)”

South African National AIDS Council (SANAC) research sector chair and HSRC CEO Dr Olive Shisana chaired a satellite session on the opening day of the 4th South African AIDS Conference held in Durban from 31 March to 4 April 2009. Several members of the SANAC research sector also delivered presentations at this session titled “Towards evidence based interventions for the National Strategic Plan (NSP)”.

This satellite session was used to give feedback on progress since the last South African AIDS Conference and to share some of the evidence based best practices that can be scaled up. The session went well and we are pleased to make available the presentations that were presented in this session.  If you wish to provide us with your details to be included in future communications please contact Marizane Rousseau-Maree on or Bridgette Prince on  Copies of the presentations are available below.


Dr Olive Shisana – Towards evidenced-based interventions for the National Strategic Plan


Laetitia Rispel – Human resources and the NSP: progress and challenges

Geoffrey Setswe – Update on SANAC M&E Framework and Indicators for the National Strategic Plan

Leickness Simbayi – Current research work on positive prevention in South Africa: An update and way forward

Heidi Van Rooyen – HIV Counselling and Testing in Adults and Children

The theme of this year’s conference ‘Scaling up for success’ recognises that there is an urgency to take stock of best practices in treatment and prevention and to scale these up sufficiently to begin to roll back the onslaught in numbers and impact that the epidemic is currently waging in Southern Africa. We know what needs to be done. We have a National Strategic Plan that is all at once comprehensive, challenging and ambitious. We need to examine the evidence of how these goals can be achieved critically, assess feasibility and then remove all obstacles and barriers to implement as widely and as efficiently as possible. We need to identify the gaps in the evidence and systematically set out to meet those knowledge gaps.

More than ever before we need to come together as a region, declare war on the epidemic and begin to see the rates in Southern Africa decline.

Visit the SA Aids Conference website.


Kim Trollip

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