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01 October 2014

The Rise of the Social Analyst

The Marketing

The question that was put to Jordan Enright-Schulz, Product Marketing Manager of Adobe Social, the Marketing Cloud’s comprehensive social media management solution, had to do with the bottom-line: the ROI of having a social analyst on board, particularly within the South African market.

The Need for Social Analysts
But to put the need for social analysis in perspective, a recent US-based research report by the Social Media Examiner indicated that 88% of marketers surveyed want to know how to measure their social ROI.

While 97% of those marketers said they were embarking on some kind of social media, and 68% said that they did analyse their social media activities, 91% still said they wanted to know what tactics are most effective and a mere 37% said they were able to measure ROI on their efforts.

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The Marketing

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