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31 July 2014

South Africans: Israeli Apartheid “More Terrifying” than South Africa

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What Acts Like Apartheid, Is Run Like Apartheid and Harasses Like Apartheid, Is Not A Duck—It Is Apartheid”

Wikipedia notes that South Africans have called Israel an apartheid state (footnotes omitted):

Former deputy mayor of Jerusalem Meron Benvenisti relates in his 1986 book Conflicts and Contradictions that during the 1970s, an official of the South African apartheid government compared Israeli–Palestinian relations to South African policy for the Transkei in a meeting. The Israeli officials present expressed shock at the comparison, and the South African official said “I understand your reaction. But aren’t we actually doing the same thing? We are faced with the same existential problem, therefore we arrive at the same solution. The only difference is that yours is pragmatic and ours is ideological.”

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