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09 October 2014

Michael Cardo plays the man not the ball on youth unemployment

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Alex Mdakane notes that, according to the HSRC, the unemployment rate for white graduates was found to be a quarter of that of African graduates

Trust the DA to play the man and not the ball. Or is the response [by DA Deputy Shadow Minister in the Presidency Michael Cardo] that goes at length talking about the deputy minister’s political persuasion a signal of empty cans making lots of noise?

The report of the Statistician General entitled Youth Employment, unemployment skills and economic growth 1994 – 2014 shows that Africans are largely represented in unskilled jobs. This is largely an apartheid legacy. White people largely because of their economic prowess (White households still earn on average six times African households) and apartheid spatial planning attend schools that will deliver better results.

In addition parents are able to assist with homework and or can hire additional help. So it really is not rocket science that white people will continue to acquire skills.

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