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18 February 2020

I Care: Terms of Reference LHC

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I Care, a Durban, South Africa, based NGO was formed in 2002 by the founder, the late Graham Cochrane. He saw the plight of street children and how quickly new ones were marginalised after coming to the streets.  It has been established, by internal statistics, that children (ages 8 – 17) end up on the Durban streets due to family conflict, poverty and abuse and that young people (ages 18 – 24) come to the streets seeking employment. The Human Science Research Council (HSRC) completed a survey in 2016 and determined that over 4000 homeless people live on the streets of Durban but children under 18 were not accurately counted. Street children tend to be rather nomadic, is the main reason for the discrepancy. They soon become homeless and turn to drugs to cope with street life. We work with approximately 55 to 70 boys each month through our Drop-in Centre in central Durban as well as outreach projects in the surrounding areas.

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