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09 February 2024

Educational Research Practice in Southern Contexts: Recentring, Reframing and Reimagining Methodological Canons

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

The HSRC is proud to share that Prof. Sharlene Swartz, Divisional Executive of the Equitable Education and Economies unit, has co-edited the book, Educational Research Practice in Southern Contexts Recentring, Reframing and Reimagining Methodological Canons’.

This book provides a richness of ideas and practices that should inform education research in the global North as well as the South. It will provide an entry point to critiques from Southern theory of many of the canons of research methodology that have been entrenched by the global North as being somehow ‘universal’.

Bringing together a unique collection of 18 insightful and innovative internationally focused articles, Educational Research Practice in Southern Contexts offers reflections, case studies, and critically, research methods and processes which decentre, reframe, and reimagine conventional educational research strategies and operationalise the tenets of decolonising theory.

This anthology represents a valuable teaching resource. It provides readers with the chance to read high-quality examples of research that critique current ways of doing research and to reflect on how research methods can contribute to the project of decolonising knowledge production in and about education in, for example, Africa, South Asia, Asia, and Latin America. It grapples with everyday dilemmas and tricky ethical questions about protection, consent, voice, cultural sensitivity, and validation, by engaging with real-world situations and increasing the potential for innovation and new collaborations.

Educational Research Practice in Southern Contexts will be essential reading for anyone teaching educational research methods and will encourage novice and experienced researchers to rethink their research approaches, disentangle the local and global, and challenge those research rituals, codes, and fieldwork practices which are often unproblematically assumed to be universally relevant.

For more information, or to order the book, visit the Routledge website.

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

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