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28 November 2018

Decisions, Decisions

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Choosing subjects for Grade 10 is an important decision that might influence the course of a child’s studies at tertiary level and their future career. And then again, it might not. By Nia Magoulianiti-McGregor.

“When your child has no idea what course of study he or she wants to undertake at tertiary level, when they are clueless about which subjects to choose for Grade 10, when their future career choices flip-flop between rock star and radiologist, breathe out.”

In fact, says Bernice Dexter, Reddam Bedfordview’s life orientation educator, because it is so confusing, and ramifications are long-term, she starts discussing possible career choices and subject choice years before decision time in Grade 9. And even then it’s usually still baffling for many.

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