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07 May 2020

Calls for bolder action as lockdown exposes fault lines of inequality

Daily Maverick

By Carin Runciman, Charles Hongoro, Narnia Bohler-Muller & Kate Alexander

The economic consequences of the lockdown mirror entrenched inequalities of race, class and gender, and offer a reminder that financial stress and insecurity are grinding daily realities for most of those who live in South Africa.

However, the findings of Phase 1 of the University of Johannesburg-Human Sciences Research Council (UJ-HSRC) Covid-19 Democracy Survey show that, while the economic squeeze may be felt unevenly, everybody, irrespective of race, class or education, is very concerned about the financial situation facing South African society. This may be leading to greater cross-class support for policy interventions designed to protect the vulnerable.    

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Daily Maverick

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