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14 May 2014

Israel, Palestine and the “A”: word

John Kerry, Israel and ‘apartheid,’ World May 3

Tony Burman is right. Israel’s oldest newspaper, Haaretz, had an ad signed by 129 prominent Israelis who agreed with John Kerry’s apartheid remarks.

Given Israel’s relentless settlement building policies and indifference to the Palestinian plights, it will be unfeasible to contain the status quo. Millions of frustrated Palestinians are not going to sit idle and witness the gradual disappearance of their homeland.

Notice the recent Palestinian moves that have the hallmarks of strategic shift in their position with respect to Israel. First, they pursued new UN positions. Then they talked about dismantling the Palestinian Authority and leaving the responsibility of running the occupied territories with Israel. Lately Fatah and Hamas agreed on a unity deal. Every move that they have made has the potential of changing the course of the history in the region and forcing Israel to make a dramatic move.

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