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12 August 2022

Call for Abstracts for a special issue in Africa Insight journal

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Food security and household nutrition in Africa in a post-COVID-19 era

On behalf of Africa Insight, I hereby invite you to submit abstracts for a special issue of the journal. The
title of the volume is “Food security and household nutrition in Africa in a post-COVID-19 era.” The
purpose of the issue is to address the growing challenge of food insecurity at national, household and
individual levels, challenges that have been accentuated by a number of factors including the COVID-19
pandemic. Even though many African countries are richly endowed with productive land resources, it is
a paradox that so many face food deficits and are still heavily dependent on imported food. This is
unsustainable, especially considering the negative impact of the pandemic on fiscal revenues.
The special issue should include findings and lessons emerging from your work on food and nutrition
security. We invite abstracts on the following themes:

  • Food policy, governance and the environment
  • Food and nutrition security (diet, nutrition, health, etc.)
  • Information and innovation
  • Agriculture, value chains and food systems
  • Technology adoption and impact evaluation
  • Gender disparity and mainstreaming in food and nutrition security

Since Africa Insight has a continental focus, we invite submissions from across Africa and the diaspora,
provided the focus is on how the continent is handling issues of food and nutrition security, particularly
in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abstract applications are due by 20 September 2022
Full paper submissions by 20 November 2022
Successful papers will be published by 20 January 2023

Send all abstracts and papers to for review.
The special issue is managed and coordinated by the Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA) of the HSRC.


  • The abstract should be written in English and comprise the abstract and keywords.
  • Authors of accepted abstracts will be requested to submit full manuscripts with the abstract, keyword, introduction, main body, conclusions and references in the text.
  • Submitted academic works must be original and should not have been published or be under consideration for publication while they are under review for this journal.
  • The journal publishes theoretical or empirical scholarly papers, such as review papers, case studies, original contributions as well as communications.
Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

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