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18 November 2005

Factsheet 4 : Time spent in non-administration-related activities

Press Release
  • Educators in urban schools spend an average of 43.83 hrs in all activities for the week while educators in rural areas spent 38.34 hrs. Educators in rural areas reported the highest average time spent on professional development, pastoral care and breaks. Educators in semi-rural areas spend the highest average time in extra-curricula activities while those in urban areas spent most time in guidance and counselling.
  • Educators in primary schools reported spending the highest average time in professional development and extra-curricular activities while those in secondary schools had the highest average time in pastoral care and breaks.
  • Male educators, on average, spend more time than their female counterparts in all the non-core and administration-related activities in a given week, not considering post level.
  • Educators in Intermediate Phase reported spending the highest average time in professional development, extra-curricular activities and breaks, while those in the FET Phase reported the highest time spent in pastoral care.

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