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09 July 2021

The homeless of Johannesburg

“There is a stereotype of a homeless person, sometimes called a street- or rough-sleeper. He is a man. He’s a loner and a beggar, mentally ill or ‘immoral’ and helpless. If he sleeps under a bridge, in a park, or in a shop doorway, he is most likely a drug addict or an alcoholic. He doesn’t have a job, is lazy and has no family or friends to help him.”

According to the Health Sciences Research Council (HSRC), homelessness is an intricate problem. Homelessness is a complex phenomena and can be defined as the period of time that an individual or family is without housing or shelter. Because of the ever changing nature of individual’s financial status, similarly homelessness can be temporary or chronic, which refers to a more permanent state of homelessness.

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