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18 May 2021

The ANC’s ‘family feud’ will have a lasting impact on SA’s political landscape – here’s what could happen next

Daily Maverick

The ANC effectively saturated South Africa and everything it stood for with its members and/or loyalists. Then the unthinkable happened — a family feud that is threatening to bring the ANC down. Personally, I considered Cosatu and the SACP as saprophytes that were bleeding the ANC dry. From studying the terrifying relationship in the old Soviet Union, I also think there has to be a healthy, working (non-acrimonious) relationship between organised labour and the state. That is unless you want to create a dictatorship of the workers. 

Nonetheless, the ANC carried on over the next two or three decades and proved us all wrong. They embedded trade unionists, communists and capitalists, liberals, social democrats as well as racial and ethnic nationalists, revolutionaries, moderates or gradualists in the alliance, within the state, within agencies (like Nedlac), and wherever they could; in institutions across the country (SABC), in universities, research bodies (CSIR, HSRC) and regional institutions (SADC).

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Daily Maverick

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