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03 November 2017

Courts ‘doing a good job’, Cabinet-commissioned report finds

News 24

A Cabinet-commissioned report has found that South Africa’s courts are “doing a good job” in addressing cases that have an impact on the socio-economic conditions of citizens.

Justice Minister Michael Masutha on Friday announced the release of the report, following two years of research by a joint team comprising the department, the University of Fort Hare and the Human Sciences Research Council.

The research team assessed 43 landmark cases by both the Constitutional Court and Supreme Court of Appeal, covering wide-ranging issues of socio-economic rights.

“The report acknowledges that despite a number of landmark judgments confirming the State’s obligation to take reasonable measures to ensure the progressive realisation of socio-economic rights, the apex courts always adopted a constrained approach when adjudicating on disputes involving those rights,” Masutha said.

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