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25 May 2017

Africa Day: Energising African Communities to Take over the World


It was CK Prahalad who radically changed the MBA degree syllabus with his pioneering concept of Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid. He passed on in 2010.

CK Prahalad in my estimation was the most exciting business teacher ever. After he published his paper Serving the World’s Poor, Profitably  in the Harvard Business Review Journal (2002), I spent my last little money telephoning him at his office at the University of Michigan in the United States. International calls that time were very expensive, but I sacrificed anyway. We discussed on the phone his cutting-edge theories of solving poverty through innovative ideas in poor communities. After some talk he encouraged me to stay in touch.

I admired his penetrating intellect and since then he has nurtured my deepening commitment to finding solutions for Africa.

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