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04 January 2018

Unemployment is a reality for the class of 2017

Business Day Live

‘SA’s unemployment crisis can only be solved by a corruption-free government that exercises strong fiscal discipline’

With the matric results out on Thursday‚ education activists sounded a sobering warning: “Joblessness lurks as an increasingly likely post-school reality.” In an analysis of prospects for the class of 2017‚ Equal Education said “even the educationally privileged” would struggle to find work.

It blamed low economic growth and said it knew where to place the blame. “Conditions for economic growth cannot be created under a government that is led by Jacob Zuma and his Gupta associates. A government that works tirelessly in service of its poor must be led by men and women of conscience.” The nongovernmental organisation (NGO) cited key statistics, which make for grim reading for matriculants: unemployment for 15-to 34-year-olds is 38.6%, and 30% of unemployed 15-to 24-year-olds are not in employment‚ education or training.

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