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21 June 2019

Professor Leslie Bank involved in launching new African ethnographies at European African Studies Conference in Edinburgh

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

Professor Leslie Bank, a general editor for southern Africa in the International African Library series published by Cambridge University Press, participated in the launch of a series of five new books on Africa at the biennial European Africa Studies conference, Africa: Connections and Disruptions, in Edinburgh last week.

The New Book on Southern Africa: Class, Modernity, the State and Families panel ran at lunchtime on the Wednesday the 12th and Thursdays the 13th of June. It featured the following new books from the African ethnographies series:
•    Mark Hunter’s Race on Education on the role of ‘white tone’ in blacks schools in South Africa;
•    Jason Sumich’s historical ethnography of The Middle Class in Mozambique;
•    Jessica Johnson’s In Search of Gender Justice on rights and relationships in matrilineal Malawi;
•    Liz Gunner Radio Soundings on Zulu radio and the making of the ‘black modern’ in South Africa;
•    Jose Maria Munoz’s book, Doing Business in Cameroon on issues on economic governance in West Africa.

The panels also featured Bill Freund’s new book Twentieth Century South Africa: A Development History and Leslie Bank’s City of Broken Dreams, HSRC Press.

Links to these and other titles in the IAI with Cambridge University Book Series can be found at:

Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

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