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25 August 2020

Yawning gap between rich and poor in SA has expanded in Covid-19 era – study


The global health system is unequal, said Global Citizen. In its in-depth article, the publication asked experts what this means for the most marginalised. The argument was that before the Covid-19 pandemic even hit, we knew that “when the world’s health is in danger, the poorest and most vulnerable suffer most, but get treated last”.

Closer to home, the cracks in our public healthcare system were exposed during the lockdown, when the BBC put the spotlight on filthy conditions in hospitals. It seems the crisis has impacted the health and pockets of the poor the most. Have a look at the pain etched on their faces in this powerful BizNews photographic essay. In this piece, below, the authors recently conducted a study to estimate how closely health was related to income, in the context of Covid-19 in the country.

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