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02 July 2021

Various reasons for low turnout of over 60s at Covid-19 vaccine sites

The Citizen

A 70-year-old grandmother living alone said while she had registered for the Covid-19 vaccine, she did not have transport to get to the vaccination site.

A lack of transport to vaccination sites, insufficient education on vaccines and vaccine hesitancy could be contributing to the low rate of over 60s receiving the jab, with less than 2 million vaccinated in the second phase, experts said. The national health department announced last week it was concerned the low turn-out of those aged over 60 for Covid-19 vaccinations, with less than 2 million having received the jab out of the targeted 5.5 million people. ALSO READ: All roads lead to more vaccines – but can SA vaccinate enough citizens in time? Carol Stanton, 64, said she was not interested.

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The Citizen

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