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FITCH CONNECT UNRAVELLED – An economic intelligence tool to assist the workflows of Research Professionals

25 August 2020
12:00 - 14:00

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25 August 2020                            

12h00 – 14h00


The Human Sciences Research Council invites you to a seminar on the socioeconomic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on South Africa, BRICS and Sub-Saharan African countries. This is the first part of a series of seminars in collaboration with the Fitch Group. The Fitch Group hosts an economic intelligence portal that houses more than 1.6 million lines of data covering 200 countries across global markets.

Many public, academic and private sector institutions rely on the Fitch Group’s reports and data provisions to enhance research and policy making. With clients in approximately 120 countries, Fitch Group offers a leading platform with outstanding expertise in Country Risk and Sectoral analysis. The Fitch Group’s reports focus specifically on emerging and frontier market economies where data quality and analytical outputs can be challenging to source. This seminar will be an exposition on the data and research resources available at Fitch that could enhance cutting edge socioeconomic research.


Programme Director
Prof Charles Hongoro- Strategic Lead, PaSS- Developmental Ethical and Capable State (DCES) – HSRC
Opening Remarks
Prof Narnia Bohler-Muller: Divisional Executive, Developmental Ethical and Capable State (DCES) – HSRC
Main Presentation
Mr Agyapong Gyekye, Director, Sub-Saharan Africa Fitch Solutions.
Question and Answer
All in attendance
Closing Remarks
Dr Emmanuel Sekyere, Ag. Research Director, PaSS-Developmental Ethical and Capable State (DCES) – HSRC

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