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ETDP SETA workshop: Upskilling the Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) sector

How can we equip the NPO sector with resilient skills for a post-COVID-19 and tech-driven world?
27 March 2024
13h00 – 15h30

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) were at the coalface of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing support to vulnerable households. The effect on the sector was profound with increased demand for services together with declining income, staff losses arising from layoffs and almost no relief from the state.  

But so has the rapid technological advancement brought on by the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). Many NPOs were also forced to embrace technological advancement in their daily operations without the appropriate technology and resources. At times, they needed to suspend education and training programmes for their workforce

In 2023, the HSRC conducted a study to analyse the impact of COVID-19 and 4IR shifts on skills development for workers in the NPO sector.

Commissioned by the Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA), this study aims to help the ETDP SETA support the NPO sector civil society to establish a robust skills development programme targeted to workers in the sector to tackle future challenges presented by disruptions arising from pandemics and rapid technological advancements.

Join us for an insightful workshop on 27 March to discuss this work.

Through an in-depth desktop review, we will unveil evidence-based insights into the prevailing challenges faced by the NPO sector, emerging trends, and the innovative recovery strategies adopted by these organisations in upskilling their workforce. This workshop presents a pivotal opportunity to understand the critical role of a forward-thinking approach in building a resilient system capable of managing future disruptions.

Through collaborative discussion and knowledge-sharing, you will become a catalyst for fostering a skilled, adaptable, and competent workforce, empowering the NPO sector to thrive in the face of adversity and embrace the opportunities presented by the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Date: Wednesday, 27 March 2024

Time:  13h00 – 15h30

Location: Zoom | | Meeting ID: 925 5665 9502

Enquiries. HSRC: Principal Investigators: Dr Bongiwe Mncwango ( and Ms Shirin Motala ( ETDP SETA: Mr Lucky Mkhonza (