Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators

Advisory Committee

The CeSTII International Advisory Committee is a group of independent senior scholars and science policy practitioners from all over the world. The committee provides strategic research advice to CeSTII on research design, methodology and data analysis.

Current Standing Members:

  • Prof. Susan Cozzens (Chair) (US)

  • Prof. Sunil Mani (Vice-Chair) (India)

  • Dr Petrus Letaba (South Africa)

  • Prof. Erika Kraemer-Mbula (South Africa)

  • Dr Pedro Mendi (Spain)

  • Prof. Almamy Konté (Senegal)

  • Dr Flávio José Marques Peixoto (Brazil)

Committee Alumni:

  • Prof. Fred Gault (Chair, 2017-2022) (Canada)

  • Dr Jeffrey Orozco (Costa Rica)

  • Dr Ann Kingiri (Kenya)