List of bidders

20 March 2023

List of bidders who submitted proposals to supply, develop and implement an SCM E-procurement system

BID REF: HSRC/17/2022/23

Bid Description: Appointment of a Service Provider to Develop and Implement as SCM e-Procurement System.

Bid Ref: HSRC/17/2022/23

Bid closing date: 17/03/2023

Bid Closing time: 11:00

Publication Validity Date: 16/04/2023

1. Flow Centric Resourcing (Pty) Ltd.

2. Boxfusion (Pty) Ltd.

3. Esizwe Group (Pty) Ltd.

4. TKJ Procurement Consulting and Trading (Pty) Ltd.

5. Phuthumani IT Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

6. WCYBER Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

7. Electronic Supply Chain and Procurement Enterprise (Pty) Ltd.