List of bidders

07 February 2024

List of bidders who submitted proposal for Appointment of a service provider to supply, deliver and install office furniture at the HSRC Sweetwaters offices at the KZN Bus Depot Complex, Caluza Road, Sweetwaters, Mpumuza, Pietermaritzburg, 320

BID Number               :           HSRC/11/2023/24

Bid Closing Date       :          31 January 2024

Bid Closing Time       :          11:00


1.    Amahle and Wamke Trading

2.    Balistrum Trading and Projects

3.    Barry Anderson Office and Home Furniture

4.    Gezrich Costruction and Projects

5.    Lufuno Projects and Supply

6.    Lutak Consulting

7.    Mj & Lb & MAA Logistics

8.    Mudau Picture Frames Ta Framefun

9.    Regency Office Furniture

10.  Remau Office Furniture

11.  Thina Sesifikile Trading and Projects

12.  Thuthuka Office Supplies

13.  Versatile Interiors

14.  Vicfhatu General Trading

15.  X- Klusive Dzgn Furniture

16.  Zion Artificial Intelligence Technologies

17.  Icon Business Furniture