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25 November 2022


Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

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BID DESCRIPTION: Appointment of a service provider to provide leadership coaching programme to the HSRC for a period of One (01) year

Bid Number: HSRC/14/2022/23

  1. Introduction:

HSRC, in striving to enhance its status as a learning organisation, wishes to contract a service provider to manage a coaching programme for senior researchers and managers that will assist research programmes and support units in the HSRC in achieving their annual objectives. The envisaged coaching programme extends the initiative to staff at levels below Divisional Executive (DE) to include selected researchers and support staff who possess the potential of leading and managing people to participate in this programme. It is envisaged that their participation in the coaching programme would have a systemic impact on their business units and the organisation as a whole in terms of assisting programmes and units to meet their annual performance targets.

The HSRC has main offices in Four centres (Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban, Pietermaritzburg).

We have budgeted for 40 staff members to participate in the programme.

The HSRC seeks to appoint a service provider with the credentials and skills to manage a group of coaches with the requisite qualifications and experience in working with senior researchers and support staff. Requests for proposals are sought from service providers which understand the mandate of the HSRC and how to realise the leadership and management potential of its senior researchers and managers.

  • Evaluation Criteria:

Preference Points System: 80/20 (Price: 80 and B-BBEE: 20).

  • Access to Bid Documents:

Bid documents will be free of charge and available on the HSRC website (www.hsrc.ac.za). Bid documents must be deposited into the HSRC Tender Box at HSRC building, 134 Pretorius Street, Pretoria.

 NB: The HSRC shares the building with the Department of Social Development.  Bidders are requested to ensure that their proposals are deposited into the correct tender box.

4. Bid closing date: 15 December 2022 at 11:00.

Compulsory Briefing Session: 02 December 2022(Time 11:00)


5. Contact Details:

Bid process and document enquiries:

Ms Ronewa Ramagovhodo, Email: Rramagovhodo@hsrc.ac.za, 012 302 2427