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One-size does not fit all: tailored ICT strategies for rural mathematics education

OUTPUT TYPE: Policy briefs
Print HSRC Library: shelf number 9814484
handle 20.500.11910/23351
This policy brief addresses the challenge of integrating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into mathematics education within schools in South Africa's rural communities. Despite substantial government investment, many schools still lack access to ICT infrastructure, hindering effective ICT usage in teaching and learning, specifically in mathematics. The lack of ICT availability and skills contributes to low technology usage by educators, as well as limited access to ICT resources for learners. To address this issue, tailored ICT integration plans for mathematics in rural communities are recommended. A 'one-size-fits-all' approach is ineffective due to rural schools' diverse needs and contexts across provinces. Key recommendations include revising the ICT infrastructure allocation system, providing qualified Information Technology (IT) technicians or training for current educators, specialised ICT training for mathematics educators and developing ICT resources in local languages, made available on an easily accessible database. By implementing these recommendations, South Africa can enhance ICT access and integration in rural schools, thereby improving the quality of mathematics education.