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Updates on Public Health Nutrition: A Canadian and South African Perspective

07 April 2011
12:15 - 14:00

Date :

07 April 2011

Time :

12:15 – 14:00

Presenters :

Prof Norman Temple, Athabascau University, Canada


This presentation will cover several loosely related areas:


  • Marketing of dietary supplements in North America: This part of the lecture will briefly summarize the widespread problem of false marketing methods used widely in Canada and the USA. I will also describe a recent study carried out in Canada. This demonstrated that most claims made by staff in health food shops are scientifically inaccurate but that the problem is much less serious in pharmacies.
  • Government policy and public health nutrition: Here the presenter argues the case that government policy can have a major impact on public health. Often this can be achieved at a small fraction of the cost of medical interventions. For example, it costs many times more to treat hypertension with drugs than by cutting the salt content of food. 
  • Food pricing: The speaker presents a summary of a series of studies carried out in South Africa. The cost of food was analyzed and the extra cost of a healthy diet was estimated. The findings reveal that most people cannot afford to eat a healthy diet. 

The presentation from the seminar is now available for download 


The audio presentation for the seminar is available for download


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