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Socio economic characteristics, environment and excess female infant mortality in Jilin Province, China

05 June 2013
12:15 - 13:30

Date: 5 June 2013

Time: 12:15 – 13:30

Presenters: Barbara A. Anderson, Ronald Freedman Collegiate Professor of Sociology and Population Studies and John H. Romani, Professor Emeritus of Public Health Administration at the University of Michigan


Jilin Province has been the center of the Chinese automotive industry and shares many characteristics with newly industrialized countries.  This analysis is based on data from Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, in which over 40% of the population is comprised of ethnic Koreans.

Analysis of infant mortality in Yanbian sheds light on the issue of socio economic status and female deprivation.  Especially among ethnic Koreans, higher household socio economic status is related to lower infant mortality for both males and females, but the higher the socio economic status of families the GREATER the male female differential in infant mortality, with males having lower infant mortality.  When families have discretionary resources, seemingly they allocate them disproportionately to benefit boys.  Thus, female relative deprivation is not just an extreme poverty phenomenon.  Female infant mortality is responsive to the development level of locales.  If households do not allocate discretionary resources to improve survival of girls, the healthfulness of the area in which the baby girl lives becomes especially important for her survival.

Professors Anderson and Romani are currently Honorary Research Fellows at HSRC. They have worked with HSRC since 1998, spending the 2001-02 academic year at HSRC.   They have collaborated with HSRC researchers and given many presentations in the past.   They have published extensively on issues of health, environment and population in South Africa, Estonia and China.

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