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Rural Development in South Africa: Repetition, Revision and Rethink

19 August 2009
12:15 - 13:30

Date :

19 August 2009

Time :

12:15 – 13:30

Presenters :

Dr Moraka Nakedi Makhura, Head of Agricultural Economic Research and Innovation Services (AERIS), Land Bank


The presentation is also delivered in memory of the late Tshumu Evidence Mongane (HSRC Phd research fellow), who was instrumental in planning and conceptualising the seminar. Tshumu passed on tragically a few days after an hour-long discussion with Dr Makhura regarding the seminar. Tshumu was Dr Makhura’s former student, colleague and friend (as Tshumu was to many others). At the time of his passing, Tshumu and Dr Makhura were both serving their last term in the management committee of the Agricultural Economics Association of SA (AEASA) and were planning a series of interventions in agriculture and rural development.


The resurgent interest in rural development in South Africa is well documented. The government has played a major role in setting the scene and indicating a political will to address rural development. The question is:  to what extent are the lessons from past efforts learnt, and how are the complementary synergies and options built to complement the current positive political attitude to rural development?  The presentation highlights aspects of the policy space and asserts that the effective rural development process will require active participation of both government and non-governmental role players. It applies the cylinder and cross metaphor to illustrate the complementarities in the policy, programming and implementation space. It identifies areas of repetition, revision(ing) and rethink. The presentation also raises issues for consideration in the consolidation of the rural development drive in the country. 

Dr Moraka Nakedi Makhura has a wide array of experience in agricultural economics and development and prior to the Land Bank has worked for the DBSA, the University of Pretoria and the Department of Agriculture. He has collaborated with both national and international programmes in agricultural economic research and related areas.

As a policy analyst at the DBSA, he coordinated rural development policy programmes, where he established and edited the South Africa Rural Development Quarterly (SARDQ), a publication that served as a platform for discussing rural development issues. He also initiated the Rural Monitor – a monthly publication that monitored rural issues raised in the public domain. He further coordinated the Rural Week event dedicated to encourage interaction with rural communities. In his advocacy role he endeavoured to position rural issues in forums and conceptualised rural interventions and approaches such as Village Approach to Rural Development (VARD). At the University of Pretoria he lectured in agricultural economics and rural development. He has contributed extensively to public policy development initiatives. He is the past president of the Agricultural Economics Association of South Africa (AEASA) and has presented and published widely in both scientific and popular platforms.

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