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Poverty and inequality: Diagnosis, prognosis and responses

04 March 2019
18:00 - 21:00

The Human Sciences Research Council and the poverty and inequality initiative at UCT invite you to a public lecture by Prof Crain Soudien, CEO of the HSRC

Date: 04 March 2019

Time: 18:00 – 21H00

Venue: Kramer Lecture Theatre 2, UCT Campus

In his lecture Prof Crain Soudien will show that the complexities of inequality and poverty in South Africa require explanations that acknowledge the power of economic structures but are able to engage with the full range of forces, including the ideological, that are at work in keeping South Africans poor and unequal. The lecture will describe how poverty and inequality come together and can be understood across a range of structural, psychosocial and cultural dimensions of the South African social experience. The analysis will reference some of the key questions the country is facing: employment, access to education, sharing of spaces, dignity and respect for identities. His arguments will engage with the work of Thomas Piketty and Goran Therborn, and refer to both longitudinal and quantitative surveys and micro-qualitative studies of smaller social units of analysis. This lecture is the first one in a series of four as part of the HSRC 50/90 Anniversary Commemoration in 2018-19.


Please find link below for arecording of the public lecture delivered on 4 March 2019.