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Digital Humanities in South Africa: How to get started

10 September 2020
12:30 - 14:00



Date: 10 September 2020          

Time: 12h30 –14h00

Livestream via Zoom

Digital humanities (DH) is a research area that aims to bring computational approaches to the field of humanities. This allows, for example, for researchers to handle large amounts of humanities data, which was previously considered too labor intensive. DH adds new methodologies to humanities research. In South Africa, DH is still a relatively young research area, which means that there are still many opportunities to be explored.
In this symposium, we will provide an overview of what DH entails, including a brief history. By providing several examples, we will show some of the possibilities and illustrate what is currently on-going in DH in South Africa. Additionally, we will discuss what is needed for interested researchers to become active in this field. In particular, we describe experiences of our collaboration in research projects that bring together computational and humanities researchers. This  presentation serves as the starting point for researchers (from a wide range of fields) who are interested to dive into digital humanities.


Prof Menno van Zaanen, Professor in Digital Humanities, South African Centre for Digital Language Resources (SADiLaR)

Dr Inge van de Ven, Tilburg University, the Netherlands


Dr Karen Calteaux, Digital Audio-Visual Technologies, CSIR

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