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Ms Natasha Saunders
Fieldwork Manager
Center for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (CesTII)

Natasha Saunders is a fieldwork manager in the HSRC's Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators (CeSTII). She holds an honours degree in integrated organisational communication from the University of South Africa (2019). Saunders was formerly a data entry specialist at CeSTII. She held the position of hub coordinator in CeSTII's Business Innovation Survey project and helped lead a large team of 20 research assistants to successfully collect data that facilitated the measurement of innovation in South Africa. She currently holds the position of fieldwork manager leading the planning, execution and monitoring of a small team of data capturers for the data phase of the R&D Survey project that focuses on the measurement of research and experimental development indicators in South Africa. She has also developed, implemented and carried out a training programme for new staff members on the R&D survey project focusing on processes to ensure data quality was preserved. Saunders contributed to the finalisation of the survey's main report on R&D as well as its statistics report on R&D in South Africa.