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Report on a baseline assessment for future impact evaluation of informal settlements targeted for upgrading: final report

Authors C. NdindaC. HongoroD. LabadariosT. MokheleN.E. KhalemaG. Weir-SmithM. DouglasS. NganduW. ParkerF. TshitanganoT. MalulekeT.C. ManyaapeloS.B.B. ZamaN. KheswaA. NgubeniP.M. MolotoF. RathogwaN.A. LekodebaT.P. DlaminiZ. DlaminiA. GcwabeL. MeiringN. MahlanguD. Chilwane
OUTPUT TYPE: Research report- client
Print HSRC Library: shelf number 9160
handle 20.500.11910/9600
The baseline assessment study for the future impact evaluation of informal settlements targeted for upgrading set out to collect data for use by the Department of Human Settlements (DHS) to address the following: * Strengthen implementation and improve the performance of the UISP * Determine the nature and sustainability of the UISP outcomes * Determine measureable impacts on beneficiaries and communities in the UISP The key question that the baseline study posed was: What is the current status of informal settlements targeted for upgrading? The specific objectives of the study were: 1. To establish the current state of selected informal settlements 2. To identify key indicators for use in the assessment and future evaluation of informal settlements 3. To unravel the TOC underlying the UISP in responding to informal settlements needs 4. To assess whether the TOC underlying the UISP is appropriate and valid for the South African context of informal settlements 5. To contribute to the existing body of literature on the state of informal settlements in South Africa