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Vaka Yiko: promoting both evidence informed and participatory policymaking: study 3 preliminary report

Authors K. YuN. PophiwaM. WentzelN. Bohler-MullerG. PienaarJ. ViljoenT. ZikhaliD. Sanchez
OUTPUT TYPE: Research report- client
Print HSRC Library: shelf number 8586
handle 20.500.11910/2000
This study seeks to document 'memories' of participatory policymaking processes in South Africa in the post-1994 democratic period and answer the research question: How can the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) implement an evidence-based process for environmental policymaking in the context of a desire to return to more participatory policy development processes? The objectives of the study are to: * Assess trends and lessons around the role and quality of participation in policymaking in South Africa since 1994, especially in the environmental sector (notably the DEA); and * Explore how policymaking might be both participatory and evidence informed given the various constraints that DEA and its officials face. Waste management (a policy led by DEA) is selected as the case study to narrow down the scope of the study owing to time limits. This report provides a summary literature review and preliminary findings of data gathered to date.