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Recentring, reframing and reimagining the canons of educational research

Source Educational research practice in southern contexts: recentring, reframing and reimagining methodological canons
Authors S. SwartzN. SingalM. Arnot
OUTPUT TYPE: Chapter in Monograph
Print HSRC Library: shelf number 9814111
handle 20.500.11910/22694
The focus of this book, therefore, is to bring to the fore new approaches and new ways of doing educational research. Whilst not comprehensive of the richness of decolonising theory in the social sciences, it offers important opportunities to grapple with the theoretical and methodological critiques of mainstream research paradigms used in a range of education disciplines, and exemplifies, through the experiences of both experienced and novice researchers, ways of rethinking research questions, and reconsidering the relevance of the rituals, codes of practice, and the methods of knowledge production. Such examples challenge the reader to consider tricky ethical questions about, for example, cultural sensitivity and recognition of Indigenous cultures, counter strategies to deal with issues such as informed consent, protection, and voice.