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Towards a conceptual framework for measuring innovation in the agricultural sector in sub-Saharan developing countries

Source African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development
OUTPUT TYPE: Journal Article
Print HSRC Library: shelf number 9812384
handle 20.500.11910/19459
Despite the importance and benefits of measuring innovation in businesses, standard methods for innovation measurement, such as the Oslo Manual, largely exclude the agricultural sector. As a result, innovation scholars in developing countries struggle to develop knowledge to understand innovation in agricultural businesses. This paper proposes a conceptual framework to guide research on the measurement of innovation in the agricultural sector in developing countries, focusing initially on commercial agricultural businesses. The proposed framework provides an analytical reference point with detailed methodological guidelines for scholars and practitioners of innovation studies who wish to understand the complexities and dynamics of innovation in commercial agricultural businesses (including forestry and fishery businesses). A practical example, based on an empirical study that used this framework to measure innovation in South Africa's agricultural sector, illustrates how it can be put into practice.