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27 September 2017

University and college students can now access PrEP drug

Medical Brief

For the first time, university and college students will be able to access the HIV prevention medication, Truvada. The Times reports that this was announced by the Higher Education and Training HIV & AIDS (HEAIDS) national programme.

Truvada is an antiretroviral pill that reduces the risk of contracting HIV‚ by at least 90% if taken daily. HIV negative students at seven universities will be able to access the medication from approved campus health clinics. The universities are Nelson Mandela University‚ Rhodes University‚ University of Limpopo‚ University of the Free State‚ University of Venda‚ University of Zululand and Vaal University of Technology.

The report says the roll out is actually a trial that will give the National Health Department information about whether there is a demand for such preventive treatment and if people will use it.

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Medical Brief