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29 July 2014

It’s time to change attitudes on mental health

Mail & Guardian

With statistics suggesting that one in four South Africans will experience a mental disorder in their lifetime, it’s likely that one day you or a family member, friend or colleague will experience a mental health problem.

According to the World Health Organisation, depression will be the second most disabling health condition in the world by 2020. In total, mental disorders will account for 15% of the global burden of disease.

Data from the Council for Medical Schemes shows that bipolar mood disorder grew faster than any other chronic condition from 2006 to 2011, increasing by a staggering 228.6%.

Mental illness contributes to high levels of absenteeism, poor work quality and impaired productivity which, in turn, impacts directly on company bottomlines. The social cost of mental illness is also severe, with mental health issues fueling a vicious cycle of outcomes that include rising substance abuse, crime, violence and marital and family breakdowns.

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