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16 September 2019

Violence against women: the problem lies deep


Those who wish to dismiss the wave of violence against women and children as the result of insufficient policing must think again. According to Michael le Cordeur, the problem lies much deeper: it is an educational problem which requires a national intervention strategy.

The wave of violence against women and children which is afflicting our country is a national crisis similar to what was last seen when PW Botha announced a national emergency. Just three days ago Minister Beki Cele announced that for the period March 2018 till April 2019 the number of rape cases and sex related crime increased with 4,6% in a country who already has a reputation of having one of the highest crime rates in the world. This sent shock waves through the country. Officially 52 420 cases has been reported last year which means a woman is raped every eight hours in South Africa. 

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